Wedding Trends To Follow In 2019

Discover a few wedding trends that will take over 2019.

One of the defining moments in the many people’s lives is their wedding day.  A marriage between two people is a deeply special union and needs to be celebrated properly.  There should be a great amount of time and energy spent into planning a wedding.  You want your wedding day to be a memorable and special day for everyone involved.  If you are planning your wedding for next year, you should follow a few of these wedding trends to gain some inspiration.

Personalized and Branded

A wedding trend that has been growing over the year is personalizing and branding your special day as much as possible.  Couples are choosing to have a consistent brand theme to their entire wedding starting from the invitation leading to all of the items at the ceremony, including the napkins and table decorations.  With everyone using social media as a way to connect, couples want their wedding to be a photographable event. Couples are getting creative by crafting personalized welcome baskets for guests that are coming in from out of town.

Themed Food Stations

A major wedding trend involves the reception meal in the form of themed food stations.  Wedding receptions are going from formal gathering with sit-down meals to now a more informal event with guests going from station to station for food.  It is common now to see stations revolving around a specific meal, such as a taco stand or a raw seafood bar. Couples are choosing these food stations based on their connection to certain foods.

Interactive Bars

In addition to guests creating their own meals with food stations, interactive bars are becoming a popular wedding trend.  Interactive bars allow guests to make their own drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Margarita bars have become a growing trend in the last few years when it comes to wedding receptions.

Catering for Every Wedding

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