Wedding Budget Tips for You and Your Fiance

couple arguing over wedding budget

Hopefully these wedding budget tips will help squash the squabbles

Planning a wedding is not an overnight process. It takes time to plan the wedding of your dreams. Narrowing down a budget may seem impossible, but it is indeed possible. If you and your fiance can’t agree on a budget, then this is a must-read. We’re going to provide some wedding budget tips that will make the process smoother, more manageable, and hopefully reduce the disagreements. 

Decide What’s Most Important to the Both of You 

Most couples disagree on a wedding budget because they have entirely different visions for their wedding. Both of you deserve to be happy. With a little compromise, both you of you will be. Figuring out what means the most to you is the first start in smoothing over any budget squabbles. You may find that you and your fiance have more “must-haves” in common than you thought. 

Start Small

What tends to happen with the wedding planning process is that couples throw out big numbers versus starting small. Once you realize what your must-haves are, then you can start creating your wedding budget based on these factors. You can begin to call vendors or find out how much particular things cost online. As things start to add up, you and your partner can decide if the budget is feasible. 

Keep in Mind That the Wedding is Only the Beginning 

A wedding day is undeniably magical. Still, keeping things in perspective will help both you and your fiance. A wedding happens for one day. Then you begin your life together. If you and your partner are arguing, then step back and ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” In 10 years from now, you may or may not remember every detail that went into your wedding. However, we can bet that you’ll remember a painful disagreement. 

What if My Fiance and I Have Different Food Tastes?

Are you having disagreements over the menu? Then, that’s where we can step in and reassure you and your spouse-to-be. Our catering services are broad enough to satisfy any taste palette. We specialize in kosher catering, vegan catering, and we can expertly serve food from various cultures. When your magical day is over, the only argument should be, “Why wasn’t Catering by Alan Weiss, our first choice???” 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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