Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding Menu

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect season to have a wedding! Catering is one of the toughest decisions when planning a spring wedding but there are some key tips to keep in mind.

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect season to have a wedding! Did you know that if you host your wedding in April, it will be cost-effective? You may wonder why. Well, during April, especially in Maryland, the weather can often be rainy and sporadic. Since a lot of people frown upon rain during a wedding, some may opt out of an April wedding. Typically the most popular wedding months are August, May, and June followed by September and October.

With Spring being so joyful and synonymous with love being in the air, it’s ideal for a wedding ceremony. An outdoor wedding in a botanical garden or on a Maryland golf course is an excellent choice for a spring wedding venue. To limit the chances of rain, you may choose to have a destination wedding, focusing on an arid region. Your wedding color palette may include pastels. However, what about the food? Catering is one of the toughest decisions when planning a spring wedding or wedding in general but no worries, here are some tips that can help guide your thinking.

1) Make Sure That Your Catering Menu is Season-Appropriate

During winter, it’s normal to want hearty food that’s going to stick to you. A warm, heavy meal is comforting during colder seasons so it makes sense that a winter wedding may include soups or comfort food such as fried chicken. However, for a spring wedding, you want your meals to be light. Incorporate vegetables into your catering menu. Vegetables are fresh just like spring.

2) Assess the Volume of Your Guests

Naturally, during a wedding, you want to pull out your best dishes. But you may want to reconsider if your specialty lasagna can be mass-produced.  It’s best to think about catering options that a chef could whip up quickly to feed a large number of people if you do indeed want a large wedding. For a smaller wedding, you can indeed focus on nuanced meal options.

3) Keep a List of the Food You Love

Whether your grandmother passed down a family recipe or you love looking through Pinterest to find unique ideas, write down a list of must-have meals.  When you enlist a caterer, you want to be prepared and decisive.

4) Popular Spring Catering Options


-Vegetables such as asparagus and peas

-Fresh, juicy fruits

-Seasoning food with olive oil

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