Tips To Planning A Kosher Wedding Menu


Learn how to plan the perfect kosher meal for your wedding.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task because you have to coordinate several elements from booking the venue and caterer to solidifying a guest list.  If you are planning a Jewish wedding, then you need to make sure the ceremony and reception follow all of the traditions.  When coordinating the reception, you need to ensure that the meal is kosher, which means it follows all the rules of Jewish law.  So, the food needs to be blessed by a Rabbi, and dairy and meat need to be separate. Luckily, there are a few simple tips to follow when planning a Jewish wedding menu.

Hors D’oeuvres

Every wedding reception needs cocktail hours full of appetizers for guests to snack on before the main meal.  If you want to go by Jewish tradition, then you need to decide of your hors d’oeuvres, and the rest of the meal, will be dairy or meat-based.  Stuffed mushrooms, spring rolls, and vegetable dumplings are popular hors d’oeuvres choices for a meatless menu. If you want to go with dairy-based choice, then look into grilled cheese bites.

The Main Course

When it comes to planning the main course for a Kosher wedding menu, you need to decide the on if you want it to be dairy or meat-based.  If you want to go for dairy-based options, then you will have vegetarian and lighter choices for your guests to enjoy. Popular Jewish dishes are egg quiche and kugel, which your older relatives will appreciate.  For meat-based options, then you should go with a hearty meat, such a roasted chicken breast or filet mignon.


One of the most important elements of any wedding reception is the dessert portion, since it when cake is served.  Luckily, there have been advancements in baking so that you can have a dairy-free cake. You can also serve sorbets and fruit cocktails if you want to have a dairy-free desserts.  Your options are practically endless when it comes to having dairy-based desserts.

Catering for Every Wedding

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