Tips for Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding

Are you thinking about serving alcohol at your wedding? Then, we have some tips that you may find useful. It may seem small, but how you

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Are you thinking about serving alcohol at your wedding?

serve alcohol at your wedding does impact your budget and the overall ambiance of the wedding. Read on to discover some questions that you should consider asking yourself.

Are Alcoholic Beverages in Your Budget?

Being realistic about your budget is always the first step to wedding planning. When thinking about alcoholic beverages, you should still take this step. Alcohol can indeed make a wedding fun, but it comes at a cost. You can break the bank with ease if you don’t plan. Once you have your guest list, assess those who you know love to drink. You can then roughly estimate how much alcohol you may need. Wedding alcohol calculators exist to help you further plan out your budget.

How Do You Want to Serve the Alcohol?

There are a lot of options here. A cash bar means that guests have to pay for their alcohol. A full open bar means that guests can have an unlimited amount of drinks on your dime. Then, there are cases where full open bars have limitations. Sometimes the bride and groom decide that they only want to serve beer and wine because they aren’t as expensive. Other creative options include limiting the amount of drinks guests can have by providing them with tickets. These factors all tie back into your budget and how you’d like to celebrate your special day. Some couples are fans of craft cocktails, which are a 2020 wedding trend

What Drinks Do You Want to Serve?

Choosing what drinks to serve can be tricky. If you’re a people pleaser, then you may obsess over trying to make yourself happy and them. Besides watching the bride walk down the aisle in a stunning dress, the reception is the part of the wedding that most people enjoy quite a lot. Where there are food and fun, there will be happiness. If you’re struggling to decide, ask your friends and family. You can also go for seasonal alcoholic beverages. Think refreshing fruit drinks for summer weddings. Spiked cocktails or sangrias are delicious for the fall. It’s also helpful to have non-alcoholic versions of beverages so that everyone can enjoy the delightful flavors without feeling pressured to drink. 

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