Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer is a beautiful time for a wedding and naturally, is one of the most popular.

Summer is a beautiful time for a wedding and naturally, is one of the most popular. Summer weddings give you the chance to celebrate outdoors with less chance of bad weather than spring or fall, but they do come with their concerns. While there’s nothing a little extra planning can’t fix, it’s essential to book your venue early if you’re looking for a summer wedding. Once you have your location, it’s time to start focusing on the other details.

Plan Your Wardrobe

In summer a heavy dress and less than breathable suit are not ideal for staying comfortable. Have plans for a change of wardrobe before the reception to allow for greater comfort as you celebrate. Alternatively, opt for a dress made of lighter, breathable fabrics in a shorter length. Likewise, the groom should have a secondary outfit to ensure no one becomes ill from the heat.  

Keep Refreshments Light

Now isn’t the time for dense foods. With the abundance of produce at its fullest, planning a new menu will help keep your wedding refreshing and enjoyable. A seasonal fruit and vegetable display mixed with grilled entrees will create a delicious and memorable event. Frozen cocktails with mint, cucumber, and watermelon will keep guests refreshed and in the mood.  

Embrace Foliage

When you plan a summer wedding, you have the advantage of natural greenery for creating a beautiful environment. The more flowers, the better and in summer, you may not have to rely entirely on a florist. Work with your venue in advance to learn what plants and flowers will be in bloom at the time of your event. Knowing what will already be there can help you decide what to bring in on your own and how to stage your photos better.

Sun and Bug Protection

If your event will be outdoors, it’s crucial to have a plan for fighting both bugs and sun. Having the grounds treated for bugs a few days before the event and adding items like citronella candles and tiki torches to your lighting can help considerably. Additionally, you should have plenty of bug spray and sunscreen on hand. For attractive and mess-free application, wipe versions of both can be made available in baskets for guests to use as needed.

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