Tips for Handling a Postponed Wedding

tips for handling postponed wedding

These tips on postponing a wedding has a positive perspective

Millions of brides all over the country are devastated about having to postpone their weddings. With the uncertain times that we’re living in, postponing a wedding makes complete sense. Putting loved ones’ health at risk is not something that any bride and groom want to do. A wedding is celebratory, and the people that matter most to you should be front and center. A postponed wedding is a practical choice and a decision that hurts, but not all hope is lost. Today we’ll be sharing some tips for handling a postponed wedding. Believe it or not, a postponed wedding can have a positive perspective. 

Celebrate Your Wedding Day Regardless

When your original wedding date comes, make sure to celebrate with your bride or groom-to-be. It may be challenging not to feel sad on this day. But, you should be happy that you found someone you love enough to spend the rest of your life with because many people never experience such a magical moment. On your wedding date, have a romantic dinner, and toast to the incredible love you and your partner have found. 

Appreciate That You Have Extra Time

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re detailed-oriented. A postponed wedding means that you now have time to think about all of the things that may have never crossed your mind. Plus, if your wedding is now in the fall, you may want to make some changes anyway. Going from a spring wedding to a fall wedding means that you may want to change your wedding catering menu, as well as some of the themes that are synonymous with Spring. 

Contact Your Wedding Party Before You Agree to a New Date

If you and your partner have popular friends or friends who lead busy lives, then you should indeed contact them before you agree to a date. The wedding venue may set a new date, only for you to realize that your friends already had other obligations planned in September. 

With this in mind, you may also run into the issue of fewer guests being able to attend for various reasons. What you and your partner may want to do is pick a list of 10 people each that matters the most to you. Call them and see how they feel about a particular date or how they feel about attending at all. 

Other Postponed Wedding Tips

  • Contact vendors and hotels to reschedule
  • Try not to feel too discouraged
  • If you’re healthy and safe, focus on that. 

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