The Top Five Wedding Menu Tips That Every Bride and Groom Should Follow

Planning your dream wedding is no easy task

Planning your dream wedding is no easy task. You have to think about what date you want to walk down the aisle, the number of guests that will be present, the wardrobe, the venue, and of course the catering. The catering menu is one of the most vital parts of a wedding because food equals comfort. After taking months or even years to plan a dream wedding, you will undeniably want to sit down, relax, and enjoy fantastic food at your reception. Taking the time to sit down and pick out various culinary options that will please each of your guests may seem mentally draining but here are five wedding menu tips that every bride and groom should follow.

1) Make Sure That Your Options Are Broad

Of course, you and your future spouse come first. You want to have catering options that will please you both. However, one perspective that you can take is realizing that your reception is a way to thank your guests for celebrating with you.  You and your spouse may be healthy, devout vegans but there is a possibility that some of your guests may be carnivorous. You want to pick out a few things that everyone will like.

2) Pick Familiar Foods

A few exotic dishes on the menu can help make your dream wedding unique. However, while escargot is indeed fancy, some may think of it as an acquired taste. Several traditional food choices will please everyone. Also, if your wedding includes alcoholic beverages, make sure that the catering options are heavy enough to soak up the alcohol.

3) Time Your Reception Accordingly

The reality is that no one wants to wait forever to enjoy a delicious meal. A rule of thumb is to make sure that your reception is held immediately after your wedding if you can help it. Your guests will tolerate a lot for you, but they probably won’t be too happy about starving.

4) The Catering Choices Should Match the Theme of Your Wedding

If you want an extravagant ballroom wedding, then it wouldn’t make sense to have pizza on the menu. Of course, planning a wedding is your prerogative but having a sense of flow and coordination makes your big day much more comfortable to organize, and guests will be pleased.

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