The Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are the essence of romance!

Summer was romantic. The days were long and hot and the nights even more so. We used our vacation time to escape to secluded beaches and cozy resorts, basking in the sun and cool breeze. We stayed up late attending outdoor concerts and spending time with friends. We removed our shoes. We swam. Ah.

But fall beckons us back as it always does, and as Labor Day approaches we reflect on our summer adventures and look forward to the next. You probably attended at least one summer wedding – you most likely attended even more. The summer wedding is idyllic. The flowers are in bloom and the sunsets are warm. Love is in the air, and it’s time to commit. At Catering by Alan Weiss, we love a good summer wedding and you may be thinking that next summer might be the time for your big day.

Variety in Venue

Whether you’re sticking to the ballroom or planning your party outdoors, the summer tends to be a better time to book a venue. Beaches, lakeside, gardens, barns, are all examples of venues that would be close to impossible to book during a colder month.


Typically, the climate is more predictable during the summer months. When the weather drops in the fall there is less assurance of what the conditions will be. Guests don’t have to worry about bringing a coat or being cold in their dresses during a summer wedding. The days are longer in the summer, too, meaning more sunlight for pictures and festivities!


Traveling is easier during the summer months since friends and family have time off from work and school. Your venue choices will be better, the weather will be nicer, and all of your loved ones will be able to attend to share in the festivities with you!

That being said, there are a few cons to a summer wedding that you should keep in mind.

Climate (yes, a pro too)

While there is more consistency of weather during the summer months, it is also hot. That heat can sometimes be unbearable for you and your guests. The bride doesn’t want her $80 makeup job to sweat off during the ceremony and the guests do not want to sit in their freshly ironed suits or dresses watching it happen. This can be avoided by planning your wedding in a shaded area or renting a tent for that outdoor venue.


Summer is peak wedding season, and most venues and vendors will be booked up. This can be avoided by planning ahead and booking everything soon after you are engaged. The early bride gets the venue!

Whether you opt for the whimsical romance of summer or the romantic drama of winter, you and your guests will want to complete your wedding experience with fabulous food catered by a professional team. Catering by Alan Weiss is prepared to make your day unforgettable with delicious kosher cuisine prepared by our executive team of talented chefs. Give us a call at 800.459.0009 or visit our website and let us turn your wedding into an extraordinary event.



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