The Great Debate: Choosing a Band or DJ for Your Wedding

Just like the perfect catered menu can fulfill your guests, so can music.

Just like the perfect catered menu can fulfill your guests, so can music. Music transcends time and has a way of bringing people together. A wedding without music would be a pretty dull affair. Who doesn’t love a fun dance party at a reception? Choosing between a band and a DJ can be a difficult choice to make, almost as tricky as planning a fantastic menu. However, we’re here to help. Not only can we make the catering process simple for you, but we can help you with the great debate about choosing a band or DJ for your wedding. Keep reading! 

Figure Out Your Budget

Choosing a DJ versus a band or vice versa won’t hurt your wedding. It all comes down to the cost. Live performers are more expensive than a person hired to spin tunes. If you’re not on a budget but still indecisive, then here are some considerations:

The Pros and Cons of a Band

Bands add visual dynamics to a wedding. In other words, they’re very showy. If you want to add visual appeal to your wedding, then this is an ideal choice. If you desire to stand out, this is the way to go. However, some bands may be limited to a particular genre of music. Even if they’re willing to sing multiple styles of music, they may not sound the best doing so. Therefore, make sure to pick a band with a wide range of vocal stylings if you want to appeal to a diverse crowd. Also, because band members may need to take breaks, this could disrupt the ceremony. 

The Pros and Cons of DJs 

A DJ can bring a wide selection of music. If you’re a couple who likes to hear the original versions of songs versus a cover, then a DJ will be suitable. The only downside to a DJ is that they don’t give a wedding the unique flair that a band would. However, some DJs can add props or take on the role of an entertaining emcee. Whether you choose a band or a DJ, make sure you like their personalities and give them a list of songs that you have to hear.

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