The Beauty of An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding Catering by Alan Weiss

An outdoor wedding can be magical.

Hosting an outdoor wedding gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. You always have to consider what’s going on in the world right now: a pandemic. When you host an outdoor wedding, you can look forward to better air quality and space out your guests. Plus, the natural backdrop is beautiful for the pictures that you and your spouse will take. Some wedding venues are hosting weddings at half capacity and taking precautionary measures to keep guests safe. However, you may find an outdoor wedding to be an outstanding alternative, and here is why. 

You Can Make an Outdoor Wedding Your Own

Some couples may find that with indoor weddings, they are limited to the room design. Outdoor weddings offer a clean palette where couples can put unique touches into play. You can personalize the aesthetics. If you decide to have a tent, adding lighting, drapery, chairs, and tables are possible. 

A Beautiful, Natural Backdrop

Depending on your wedding venue and season, your pictures will have a stunning backdrop. Natural lighting is so beautiful and beneficial. What couple doesn’t want gorgeous photos to flip through over the years?

 A Lot of Space

During these times, you do want your guests close together. Unless you have a large indoor ballroom, comfortably fitting and spacing your guests outside is a safe setup. Fresh air, natural scenery, space, and covered options in case it rains makes outdoor weddings worth considering. 

A More Relaxed Environment

Granted that it’s not too hot during your wedding, nature has a calming effect. If you’ve ever spent a day at the park, laying on a blanket under the shade, you know how relaxing being around nature can be. You can bring these same vibes to your wedding. There is something intimate and personal about being outdoors. The overall atmosphere will be comfortable. What’s even better is that the dress code doesn’t have to be as formal. You and your guests can be more comfortable in your attire as well.

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