Summer Wedding Foods to Serve and Skip

summer wedding foods to skip versus serve Catering by Alan Weiss

Soup is delicious, but probably not appropriate for a summer wedding

A summer wedding may be part of your idea of a dream wedding, but those scorching hot temperatures can impact your menu. Your wedding menu doesn’t have to be lackluster just because you’re having a summer wedding. There are undeniably many great ideas out there, ranging from refreshing summer drinks to exciting snacks. Your wedding menu needs to match the occasion, which is why we’ve worked up a list of some foods you may want to serve up and some that you ought to avoid.

What to Serve

Frozen or chilled drinks are always a delight on a hot summer day, and it’s no different during your summer wedding. Consider having a signature drink that’s nice and chilled and evokes those summer vibes. Some potential options? Daiquiris and mojitos are always a favorite and can be very refreshing.

Hit the grill with grilled chicken or veggies on a skewer. Wedding kabobs are super easy and make the moment perfect to remember. If you want something that feels a bit more exciting, think about having dipping sauces that allow your guests to chow down without having to worry about ruining their outfits.

Fresh fruit offers up a brightness that is perfect for a beautiful summer day. Caesar salads are great and all, but taking advantage of fruit leaves your guests with a refreshing splash of fun during your idyllic summer wedding.

What to Skip

BBQ may seem perfect for summer as we’ve all been to a backyard cookout with delicious saucy wings or ribs. However, remember that BBQ can be challenging to eat while staying clean on a big day. If you’re going to go for BBQ food, try to consider chicken or brisket, which you and your guests can enjoy with a fork.

Soup is often an essential part of wedding catering, but it may not be the right fit during the summer. Your guests probably won’t want to slurp down on hot soup when the sun is already beating down on them, so consider forgoing soup on your wedding day.

Cheese stations are a great little appetizer that gets people talking, which is why you often see them at weddings. However, cheese isn’t ideal during ultra-hot weather and can end up melting and ruining the presentation. Just make sure that if you serve up any cheeses, they won’t end up melting and leaving you with a catastrophe.

Catering by Alan Weiss

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