A Simple Wedding Reception Meal Guide


Discover a few wedding reception meal options.

One of the most important elements of any wedding is the reception because it is the time when you can truly celebrate your special day with all of your loved ones.  However, there are several elements you need to coordinate so that your reception runs smoothly.  You want to choose a reception meal serving style that aligns with your personal taste and budget.  Luckily, there are few popular reception meal styles that you can choose from for your wedding day.

Plated Service

A traditional reception meal option is plated service where guests are seated and served a plated meal consisting of usually three courses.  During a plated service, guests are usually served an appetizer, main entree, and a desert. Guests can usually choose from a few main course options either with the RSVP card or before the meal is served.  A plated meal is an ideal option if you are having a formal wedding.

Buffet and Stations

If you want to have a more informal wedding reception where you want guests to roam and socialize, then a buffet or food stations are your best options.  There are a few differences between a buffet and food stations, but both allow guests to get food through the entire reception. A buffet has guests go down a line of tables to get food and servers usually hand out each option guests.  Food stations allow guests to go from table to table out of order and serve themselves. Food stations usually are organized by categories, such as a burger, omelet, or taco station.

Family Style

A family-style meal reception is perfect if you want to have a casual atmosphere allowing people to mingle and socialize at their tables.  During a family-style meal, large portions of food are given to each table, and then guests can serve themselves. A family style meal allows the reception to go quickly since guests can serve themselves, so it allows plenty of time for dancing!

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