Planning Your Outdoor Wedding


Catering by Alan Weiss will offer their expert opinion on the food and beverage for your exquisite outdoor wedding.

Outdoor weddings are exciting, exotic, and fun. Imagine getting married in the fragrant halls of a botanical garden. Take your spouse on a journey to the crashing shores of your favorite beach, and smell the seafoam mist as you say I do. You could even spice up your backyard and tie the knot in a haven of sentimental memories. Whatever you choose, outdoor weddings do take a bit of legwork. Planning the ultimate outdoor wedding can be tough. Luckily, we have the ultimate guide to pull off an unforgettable tented reception.

Set it Up

Unfortunately, outdoor weddings can be a bit complicated because the weather is sometimes unpredictable. You need to set up a cozy tent in the area you’ll be holding the reception. Tents come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Choose the one that will fit the theme and colors of your wedding, and make sure it is weatherproof. Bring in fans or portable air conditioning units if it’s going to be a hot day. If it’s going to be chilly, be sure to furnish your tent with propane heaters. You may want to add floor surfaces if the ground is uneven beneath the tent, or wall paneling if it’s going to rain. Just remember, above all else, to play to the forecast when pitching your tent. Making sure your guests are comfortable should be a priority.

Create a Comfortable Space

Outdoor weddings mean your guest will be exposed to the elements. This means bugs, especially in the summer. To avoid granny swallowing a fly while she enjoys her prosecco, have your outdoor wedding site sprayed by an exterminator two days beforehand. You can even place citronella candles throughout the space which will create relaxing, romantic lighting while serving a practical purpose. Be sure to set up lounge furniture such as couches, plush pillows, cozy chairs etc. When choosing dining tables, have them seat 4 people instead of 8-10 to create a more intimate space.

Set the Mood

Hang lanterns to add warm light to your outdoor wedding. You can even do pinpoint lighting, twinkling string lighting, or stately chandeliers. Be sure to light up walkways so guests don’t trip on their way to the bathroom. Hiring an electrician might be best. They will make sure you pass inspection laws, and make recommendations for  generator necessities, and safely securing fixtures. Outdoor weddings present restroom issues as well. You may want to rent them if there aren’t any conveniently nearby. Luxury portable restrooms are available now, so you guests won’t have to resort to using porta potties.

Let’s Boogy!

Your choice of music should match your outdoor wedding theme. If you’re getting married in a mystical forest, with glowing lanterns, luscious ferns, and Spanish moss you might consider soft, sensual jazz or acoustic. If you’re outdoor wedding in on the exciting shores of a beach, consider a live steel drum band. Above all else, you need to make sure your band has adequate equipment and power supplies to make performing a reality. Renting an extra generator could be necessary, but they should communicate to you exactly what they need.

Creating the Menu

When creating the perfect menu to match the theme of your menu it is important to choose a profession, reliable catering company with many options. Plan on having lots of chilled water, and a variety of non-alcoholic option at hand. This is especially important when hosting outdoor weddings in the summer sun. You don’t want your guests getting dehydrated and cranky. It’s important to schedule a site visit with your caterer to make sure they are well equipped in handling your space. Think of the endless options! Have fun choosing, from many different options, the food and beverage that will fit your outdoor wedding best.

Catering by Alan Weiss

With Catering by Alan Weiss, your business conference will run smoothly no matter what you choose. Our wait staff is trained and prepared to handle a formal sit down dinner while our chefs are prepared to prepare food for several food stations in a buffet style dinner. Our on-site party planners are available to assist you with not only your dinner but the theme of your outdoor wedding as well. When you choose Catering by Alan Weiss, you are not just choosing a kosher caterer, but a professional event team. Our 19-page menu is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, so rest easy in knowing all taste buds will be catered to with Catering by Alan Weiss.

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