How to Plan a Successful Outdoor Event


Learn how to plan the perfect outdoor event!

Many people love taking advantage of great weather by hosting outdoor events. However, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that your event will allow everyone to feel comfortable. And go off without a hitch. While you’re still in the planning phase and gathering all your ideas, check out this guide for planning a successful outdoor event.

Permits and Ordinances

A lot of detail goes into event planning, but one of the first is to make sure that you have full permission to host the event. Getting a permit from your municipality or other organization ensures that you have guaranteed access to the space for that day. As soon as you find your ideal location, the next thing you should do is start looking into the process of getting a permit for the event. In addition, every area has certain noise ordinances that you’ll need to follow for your event. It usually outlines a time after which too much noise is prohibited. Other ordinances include safety ordinance pertaining to seating, the total number of people that can attend the event and having emergency plans in place.


Consider implementing a backup plan in case of inclement weather. As an event planner, you probably picked the date and location well ahead of time. However, as the date approaches, you never know what mother nature will have up her sleeve. Consider thinking of a rain plan that might involve the use of tents or even a secondary indoor location.


Think about how much access you’ll need for electricity, Wi-Fi, and other forms of communication. Do you have any external sources of power or battery backup systems? The last thing you’d want during your event is for everything go to dark or for your musical equipment to stop working. Consider some alternatives to your original plan to ensure all your bases are covered. Another topic when it comes to access is ensuring that you provide access to facilities for everyone that attends your event. Will you need to rent portable toilets or will your guests have access to a bathroom in a nearby building?

Catering for All Your Outdoor Events

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