Plan on Having a Fall Wedding? Here Are Some Tips!

Having a fall wedding is a fantastic idea!

Having a fall wedding is a fantastic idea! For one, it’s not as hot. Also, say goodbye to annoying pests if you plan on having an outdoor wedding. As a catering company, we understand that planning a wedding is not easy. Every bride-to-be wants the perfect decor, to prepare for the weather, have the right venue and the right menu. There are a lot of steps involved, but we’re here to help. Do you plan on having a fall wedding? Here are some tips!

How to Decorate

It’s natural to want to be incredibly thematic, especially during the fall or winter seasons, but you don’t have to overdo it. You can add seasonal touches such as a warm apple pie or an apple cider cocktail. You can also make the lounge area comfortable and cozy by incorporating fire pits and soft and textured fabrics such as velvet or cashmere. Adding candlelight and lanterns also enhance the ambiance and makes the environment that much warmer. Adding rustic features such as wooden tables, ceramic dishes, and overhead bistro lights also say “fall.” 

How to Prepare for the Weather

You don’t want any of your guests calling you and telling you how they got sick after your wedding. You indeed want to prepare for colder temperatures. What you can do is have a few wraps on hand for the guests that want to show off their cocktail dresses but may become cold later. You can also fill your reception area with thick blankets. Once again, fire pits are always a fall wedding staple. Also, if the venue allows it, heated lamps are one way to fight the chill in the air. 

How to Prepare for An Earlier Sunset

During the fall, the sun sets earlier. Therefore, you want to think about timing. You most likely will have to push all of your wedding events forward. If you planned on having your ceremony at 6:00, you might want to move it to 4:00 before the sunsets. Also, have your wedding early enough so that your photographer can get some photos while the sun is still illuminating the scenery. 

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