Pay Attention To These Current Wedding Trends

Get inspired by these wedding catering trends.

Fall wedding season is practically here, and many people are making the final touches so there can make their big day as special as possible.  If your wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks or isn’t until next year, there are a few wedding trends that you should integrate into your ceremony and reception.  Even if you are on a tight budget, there are practical trends that you can gain inspiration from to elevate your wedding.

Custom and Local Menus

Reception meals still include the traditional meal options from chicken to vegetarian and the decadent wedding cake but with a twist.  Couples are getting into customizing their menu to represent their backgrounds and cultures.  So, many menus are featuring dishes from one or both of the partner’s cultures.  Another option is to include a dish or dessert that the couple had on their first date or when one of the proposed.  Many couples are opting to showcase food from their hometown or even a favorite meal that they had growing up, to show appreciation to their upbringing.

Presentation is Everything

Today’s wedding catering menus are not just about the quality of the food, but how it is served.  A current trend that many couples are implementing in their wedding receptions is creative and elegant food presentations.  Guests should be wowed by the setup of the hors d’oeuvres and the meal stations.  Think about having a dessert or sundae bar where guests can create their sweet treats.  Remember people eat with their eyes first before the food reaches their mouths, so concentrate on how the presentation of the food at your wedding.

Perfect Pairings

Any wedding isn’t complete without a vast selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.  One great way to elevate your guests experience at your reception is to offer well-planned food and drink pairings.  Let guests indulge in wine and pasta during the main course and beer and wedding cake during the dessert portion of your reception.

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