Make Your Wedding Magical With These Tips

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We want to help you make your wedding magical with these tips!

We specialize in wedding catering but event planning as well. We want to help you make your wedding magical with these tips! One thing that often happens with wedding planning is that some brides and grooms tend to focus more on the reception than the wedding itself. However, the wedding should be as magical as the reception. Nuanced touches can be as fantastic as the showier wedding ideas. This blog is a must-read if you’re looking for some unique, magical wedding ideas. 

Hospitality Stations Are Helpful

Some wedding guests arrive early at a wedding, or sometimes a wedding can start later than planned. Offering refreshing beverages to early arrivals or guests who have been waiting for the magic to start shows that you’re thinking of them. Fresh squeezed lemonade or a signature cocktail is excellent ideas for a summer or spring wedding. During the fall and winter, hot chocolate is a go-to or spiced apple cider. 

Consider Creating a Circle of Love Around You and Your Spouse to Be

For a celebratory celebration such as this, a lot of guests want to capture the magical moment by recording and taking pictures. However, this can be hard to do when the wedding guests are sitting behind the bride and groom. The best parts of a wedding ceremony are the vows and expressions of the bride and groom, but unfortunately, people can miss out on that. Creating a circle or semi-circle around the bride and groom will make the wedding more intimate and unforgettable. 

Weddings Are All the More Magical When You Keep the Weather in Mind 

Outdoor weddings are fantastic, but they’re also hot and humid during the summer. If you have a summer wedding, consider sitting fans or sunglasses in the seats of your guests. In the winter, you may think of shawls or other nuanced touches that will keep your guests warm. 

Get Your Guests to Vote on Wedding Catering

Weddings should be fun! What’s more fun than having your guests vote on their favorite food? You and your future spouse can come up with three unique dishes and have your guests vote on their favorite. You can present the winning recipe at the wedding. Your guests will be more than happy to give their input.

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