Kosher Wedding Food Ideas

Keep these expert tips in mind in order to create a menu of kosher wedding food that will delight every guest at your wedding. It can seem a daunting task to have a kosher wedding in which every single guest will have a wonderful experience. When talking with a Jewish catering service about your wedding cuisine, use these kosher wedding food ideas, which center whole menus around either meat or dairy, as inspiration. Kosher-Wedding-Foods

The Hors D’oeuvres   

Meat options include a decadent and delicious buffet of crowd pleasers like pigs in a blanket, beef satay, or beef Wellington. You may also want to consider having plenty of vegetarian and vegetable options, so that those who eat vegetarian can be included. If you choose a dairy leaning option and decide to keep the whole event vegetarian, fresh fruits and vegetables, spring rolls, vegetable dumplings, sumptuous stuffed mushrooms, vegetarian finger foods, and even cheese plates.

The Main Course

A great kosher wedding food option for meat-based Jewish catering is a chicken breast with potatoes and roasted vegetables. Filet mignon, veal chop, and prime rib are popular options that are sure to delight even the most seasoned foodies you may have in attendance. If you choose to structure your menu around dairy rather than meat, there are a whole host of kosher wedding food options. These include eggplant quiche, vegetable souffles, or the Jewish catering staple, kugel.  

The Dessert

For a meat based menu, sweet kosher wedding food may seem hard to come by, but this is not true. You can serve fruit cocktail, sorbet, or any packaged sweets marked “parve.” Desserts with this on the label of no meat or dairy products in them. If you chose a dairy-based menu, you are in luck. Everything from cake to brownies to ice cream sundaes to decadent chocolates are on the table.  

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