Jewish Weddings 101: A Guide to Attending Them

Jewish Weddings

Jewish weddings are super fun, and you don’t want to miss out on one!

A guide on Jewish weddings makes sense coming from us because we specialize in kosher catering. If you’ve never been to a Jewish wedding before, you’re in for a real treat if you ever get to experience one. They are a lot of fun! Kosher weddings and kosher catering are nuanced. A lot of details go into planning the perfect Jewish wedding. A lot of factors go into preparing an authentic kosher menu. This guide is not exhaustive, but it will help you become more familiar with the flow of Jewish weddings. 

A Guide on What to Wear at Jewish Weddings

The location of the wedding determines appropriate attire. If the venue is a synagogue, women need to have their shoulders covered. A little jacket or shawl can be used as an excellent coverup. Men should wear suits or tuxedos. If the location isn’t at a synagogue, then the dress code may vary. Often, at Jewish weddings, guests will be offered head coverings. You don’t have to be Jewish for you to wear one. For men, it’s usually a kippah or skull cap, and the head covering is typically a lace headcover for women. 

Another rule of thumb is never to wear white. Even for non-Jewish weddings, most people deem this inappropriate. You never want to take the attention away from the bride. Overall, we recommend dressing modestly. 

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Depending on the branch of Judaism that the wife and groom belong to, different traditions happen. The branches of Judaism include Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. Often, you’ll also hear the term “unorthodox,” which means the same thing as “reform.” It is the belief that each Jewish person should be able to practice their faith as they wish. Typically, regardless of the ceremony type, all Jewish couples sign a contract or ketubah that is formally presented. It’s an outline that entails the responsibility of the groom relating to their bride. 

Typically, in Orthodox weddings, women do have to sit separately. You may also see a particular seating arrangement as it relates to women and men at the reception. Another tradition that you may notice is that both parents walk the bride and the groom down the aisle (unlike traditional American weddings). Another unique tradition includes the breaking of the glass (covered in cloth for safety). The origins of this tradition date back to 586 BCE. 

The Reception

  1. Expect a lot of dancing. Don’t know the steps to the hora? Here is a super helpful video! And remember you don’t have to be perfect. You’ll be in great company. No need to feel embarrassed! 
  2. Expect a lot of speeches
  3. As far as gift-giving, send registry gifts in advance or bring money to the reception. 

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