Jewish Wedding Dance Traditions

Planning a Jewish wedding dance can seem like a daunting task, as there is so much that can be done to and chosen and combined to suit the individual bride and groom. It is also, however, a joyful undertaking which can utilize pieces of Jewish wedding dance traditions and modern flair, including both contemporary and secular music. The bride and groom often shape it to suit their tastes, and how traditional their wedding is. Take these current Jewish wedding dance traditions and trends into consideration when planning your very own Jewish wedding dance.  

Jewish Wedding Dance Trends

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Planning your Jewish wedding dances can be fun with these tips!

There are numerous Jewish wedding dance traditions, which have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, and many Jewish couples include them. The portion of the wedding reception devoted to them depends on several factors. These factors include the the couple’s own preferences, the wants of their parents, and the percentage of the guests that will understand how to engage in these dances properly. If a large portion of the guests will not be familiar with these dances, including some contemporary music is courteous, however it is ultimately up to the couple.

Jewish Wedding Dance Traditions

Two of the most well-known and traditional Jewish wedding dance traditions are the Hora and the Mezinke Tanz (Krenzl). These two dances are commonly performed at Jewish wedding receptions. During the famous Hora, the bride and groom are lifted above the shoulders of the guests. A large circle forms around them, where the guests dance and alternate between coming in close and dancing away from the couple. The Mezinke Tanz (Krenzl) is for parents whose last son or daughter has been married. Both parents sit in a large circle, wearing crowns, as people dance in a circular fashion around them. The Sher, Freylekhs, Broiges Dance, Mitzvah Dance, and Bulgar are also traditional dances.  

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