How to Plan A Virtual Wedding (Smoothly)

virtual wedding

A virtual wedding makes it possible for you to still celebrate your wonderful union

The idea of planning a virtual wedding may not seem ideal, especially if you’re a showy person that enjoys being face-to-face with the people that you love the most. Some couples have accepted postponed weddings and have decided to think positively. Others cannot wait to tie the knot and call themselves life partners. If you fall under this category, then you may want to consider hosting a virtual wedding. Here are some helpful ideas that will help you avoid any virtual pitfalls and have a smooth ceremony. 

How to Transition From a Traditional Wedding to an Online Affair

Transitioning from a traditional wedding to a virtual wedding may seem overwhelming. However, you don’t necessarily have to make any significant changes to adjust to an online platform. You can still keep the classic touches such as wearing your wedding attire, having the first dance together, cutting your wedding cake, and reading your vows aloud. Focus on normalizing the experience and including the significant touchpoints that were in your initial plan. With social distancing in mind, you can add your officiant to the webchat. Make sure to have your marriage license, or the marriage will not be official. Click here to learn how you apply for a marriage license. 

How to Prepare Your Guests

The webcam experience can be quite awkward. When multiple people try to speak all at once, it hinders a smooth experience. With Zoom, the camera focuses on whoever is speaking at the moment. Imagine ten people trying to talk at once! Beforehand, shoot out an email to your guests, letting them know to turn their microphones off if it isn’t time for them to speak or if they won’t be speaking at all. If you want the experience to feel real, send out invites. Sending them out via mail with instructions is authentic. E-vites are just as effective. When the reception rolls around, make sure there are organized ways that you can cue your guests in to speak, especially in the case of speeches.

Tips for Livestreaming Your Virtual Wedding

  • Prevent lags by making sure that you can rely on your internet connection
  • Record the virtual wedding in case anyone missed out and to have it for your memories
  • Rehearse, rehearse rehearse, and test out the platform you decide to use

Other Virtual Wedding Tips

  • Send signature cocktail recipes to guests a few days beforehand so that they can toast with you and your partner
  • Virtual photographers exist! Utilize them for virtual photoshoots
  • Order photo shoot props
  • Contact us to provide your wedding cake and other dishes that you’ll love

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