How to Plan A Multicultural Wedding

Multicultural weddings can be fun

Couples with different cultural backgrounds are on the rise. Planning your dream wedding can already be tough when you share the same culture, but imagine planning a wedding with a spouse that has differing cultural values. Pressure from your families on what customs and traditions to uphold is overwhelming as well. Trying to find a balance that will keep both parties happy is a tough task, but not impossible. It may even surprise you that you could have a lot of fun planning a multicultural wedding. Your wedding will be undeniably unique and one that your guests will talk about for years to come. Keep reading to learn how to plan a multicultural wedding.

Figure Out What Cultural Values Matter the Most

When you plan a wedding, you often start with a million ideas and then things are narrowed down based on your budget, what’s most realistic, and what’s most significant.  This same concept can apply to cultural elements. You have to ask yourself what wedding features are non-negotiable. For example, if the bride or groom is Jewish, kosher catering could be a must for their orthodox guests.

Educate Your Partner

Planning a wedding takes time. Therefore, in the early stages, you want to sit down with your partner and discuss what wedding customs are typical for your cultures. During the wedding, you can also educate your guests. One way to do so is to have a speech about your different cultures and explain why you decided to pick certain elements. This concept can apply to those with the same background as well. For example, you might explain to your wedding guests that you chose a specific wine for your wedding because you were drinking wine the night that you fell in love. Knowledge is powerful.

Consider Hiring an Interpreter

If you have guests that speak multiple languages, consider hiring an interpreter. You want to make sure that all of your guests feel included and understand what’s going on. Unification is key. Not only is a wedding your special day but it’s a day that you share with your friends and family, so it’s best to be as considerate as possible.

Have Fun with Food, Music, and Dancing

Food connects people in more ways than you may realize. Catering your wedding with the best food options from both cultures will make your wedding menu diverse, unique, and fun to eat. Also, you may want to take dance lessons to showcase a popular, cultural dance from either side of the spectrum. Incorporating different music into the wedding also makes for a fun playlist.

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