How to Make Your Wedding as Unique as You Are!

When you make your wedding unique, it will be far more memorable and enjoyable.

While old-fashioned planners and guides may have their own opinion, there’s no reason to sacrifice your taste and style when planning a wedding! When you make your wedding unique, it will be far more memorable and enjoyable. Finding ways to make your wedding tailored to your style doesn’t need to be complicated.

Bring In Your Hobbies

Do you and your partner share a love of a hobby? If so, there are plenty of ways to bring that into your wedding. From choosing an unconventional location to your favors, and more, adding personal touches is a great way to help make your wedding feel more you.

Keep It Unconventional

It may seem like there’s a standard way that weddings are supposed to go, but it’s important to remember that this concept is relatively new. How we celebrate weddings has changed substantially in the last hundred years, so there’s no reason you need to follow the same format. Ultimately, it’s a celebration of you, so if you want to skip the cake for a massive cheeseboard, you should go for it!  

Choose Your TImeframe Wisley

One way to make your wedding more unique is to ditch the typical evening time frame! Pick what’s ideal for you and your budget. Weekdays often offer discounts for locations, but you’ll need to plan to allow for your guests to take time off or plan accordingly. If you’re looking for something slightly more laidback, why not try a sunset wedding, with an evening ceremony overlooking a great view? Or a sunrise reception, with a big breakfast for your early risers!

Plan Your Menu

One straightforward way to keep your wedding unique is to create a menu that caters to you and your partner’s tastes. Trying options like signature cocktails, a creative cake, or exciting appetizers. Working with your caterer to match your tastes and restrictions can help you find a great way to blend your preferences and needs for a unique wedding day! 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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