How to Make the Most Out of Wedding Catering

wedding cake as an example of wedding catering

If you hire us, your wedding catering will be on point

If you’re planning your wedding, we understand why you want your wedding catering to be on point. There a few things that people expect from a wedding. These expectations include a beautiful venue, a stunning bride and groom, and excellent food. Wedding planning may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to reassure you that if you take your time, all will end up well (especially if you hire us). Here is how to make the most out of wedding catering. 

Wedding Catering Should Always Be Seasonally Appropriate

Serving your guests deliciously seasonal food is one way to fulfill their taste palettes. If you’re having a winter wedding, think soup. For a spring or summer wedding, think delicious fruit. For fall, you can’t go wrong with pumpkin-inspired dishes. If you’re going to have a Maryland wedding, think of including crab into your wedding catering because crab is a Maryland staple! For those having a kosher wedding, we specialize in that as well. Kosher catering has options that are sure to fit each season.

Wedding Catering Should Have a Ballpark Budget in Mind

It helps a caterer do their job when they understand your budget. Once they know your budget, that’s when they can present a variety of fun, hearty, and delectable food options. Whether you have a tight budget or you can afford to spend a little more, we’ll create a wedding menu that will please you and your wedding guests.

Creating Themes Are Helpful

Just as a particular season can help shape your menu, so can themes. For example, if you’re thinking of having a Japanese-inspired wedding, then having sushi, there is a fun and unique idea. Themed weddings help showcase your individuality and help to streamline the way you think about food. 

Figure Out The Number of Guests and Dietary Needs

Knowing how many guests will attend your wedding matters. Rounding up the numbers will help you determine how much money you’re going to spend. It also addresses other concerns. Having 50 guests versus 100 makes a difference. You should know if your guests have any dietary restrictions as well. Although it’s your big day, everyone should be able to enjoy the food. Consider a vegan option or two. Consider foods that promote healthiness. Also, consider soft foods that are easy for children (and older adults) to eat.

If you’re interested in wedding catering, kosher catering, or any catering services at all, give us a call. 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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