A Fall Wedding: Catering Trends to Consider

Fall Wedding Catering by Alan Weiss

Any season is fabulous for a wedding, but fall weddings are incredibly fantastic.

Any season is fabulous for a wedding, but a fall wedding is incredibly fantastic. Part of this is the natural decor and food options related to this remarkable season. There are so many seasonal food options that will help your fall wedding catering menu be anything but boring. As you’re planning, consider adding these catering trends to your wedding menu.

First Course Phenoms

Salad is a super common choice for starters, especially at summer weddings, where its lightness counters the sometimes oppressive heat. But you don’t want ordinary. You want special! And in this area, as we move into fall, the heat is not a worry, even for outdoor weddings. Consider heartier starters, like soups that take advantage of seasonal elements. Think squash soup in mini pumpkins or chili in mini bread bowls. If salad is still your goal, make it a seasonal one that incorporates pumpkin seeds or in-season fruits, like apples and figs.

A Magical Main Course

The wedding standards of chicken or beef are great options at any time of year. If you want to stand out, however, you could offer unexpected protein options. Cornish game hen makes a unique plated dish, especially when served alongside seasonal veggies. Lamb is a surprising and delicious beef alternative that will wow your guests. Alternatively, the traditional beef or chicken can be prepared in unexpected ways, like Shepard’s pie or pot pie, to surprise and impress your guests.

Delectable Desserts

Wedding catering trends show us moving away from the sprawling, overwhelming dessert bars and more subtle sweet offerings, often with an eye towards the classics. Consider classic options like a small brownie with a scoop of ice cream or a mini apple pie tart. Alternatively, go for an unusual presentation, such as a mini donut or cookie served over a shot glass of milk. Finally, consider desserts that play on the season, like pumpkin mousse with white chocolate shavings or caramel-coated apples. Dessert trio plates are also a popular option for variety, as they give people an excellent small selection without being too much.

The Cake

Of course, the cake can’t be forgotten in this list, since it is a pinnacle dessert. The trend in fall wedding cakes is towards decadent chocolate, with rich, deep flavor. This is a little non-traditional, but not outside of the realm of familiar. Another seasonal option is a carrot cake or another flavor that speaks to the fall. If you want to go unusual, consider swapping out the cake altogether. You could sub in another type of dessert, like cheesecake, as long as it is large enough to feed everyone. 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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