Culture and Customs: Jewish Weddings and Reception Rituals


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From stomping the glass, to mitzvah dances, and The Hora Jewish Weddings are filled with lively celebration, rich cultural history, and boisterous good times! Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding reception, or want to throw in a few rituals while keeping it light-hearted, we’ll provide a thorough detailing of the most well-known forms of Jewish ceremonial celebration. Making weddings a true simcha can be tough. Familiarize yourself with these exciting reception practices. The more fun your guests have at your wedding reception, the more memorable it will be!

Kosher Catering For All Jewish Weddings 

The food and dining portion of the reception, the s’eudah mitzvah usually includes some tasty kosher options. When choosing a caterer for your wedding, don’t forget, Kosher don’t mean unappetizing ones! The first course should include sutlach, a sweet rice pudding made with coconut milk, honey and almonds and a symbol of a sweet, and prosperous life. Speaking of symbolic Jewish cuisine, chicken and fish represent fertility, so make sure they are ever-present throughout your dining experience. There so many creative, delicious kosher dishes out there that non-practicing jews will love! Imagine seared salmon over a bed of seasonal vegetables, or herb-crusted chicken with textured, earthy quinoa. Marinated tenderloin and an awesome variety of sushi rolls is another popular combination! Whatever you decide, kosher options will not limit the demand for assorted food options. 

Birkat Hamazon

After everyone’s stomachs are full, and you’ve drunk your fill of kosher wine, it is time for the post-meal blessing. The Birkat Hamazon is the repetition of the seven wedding blessings, which will give your honored guests the opportunity to participate. There is a wine blessing that follows in which two glasses are poured together into a third, symbolizing the joining of two separate lives.

It’s Time For Celebration With The Hora!

Yes, yes, the famous chair dance! So what is it? And why plan for it during the bustling aftermath of mass dining and alcohol consumption? While the bride and groom are seated, a few brawny men or women will hoist them above the crowd while the ‘Hava Nagila’ is sung in spirited unison. Quite the thrilling experience, friends, and family link arms and dance around in a circle. With the elevated couple trying their best not to fall or get sick, traditional Jewish celebration can get quite comical. Be sure to include it in your wedding plan! Keep those shy aunts and uncles, and squirming nieces and nephews entertained with The Hora!

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