The Benefits of a Fall Wedding

Summer is coming to an end meaning the leaves will start changing colors and the days will be cooler.  The change in the season and weather make fall the perfect time to finally get married to your significant other.  Fall weddings call for a dark color scheme and a hearty catering menu that everyone will enjoy.  Make your fall wedding one to remember!

Have a beautiful wedding this fall!

The Beauty in Nature

Although it will be cool, an outdoor fall wedding will provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony.  The warms colors of the leaves and fall foliage from pumpkins to hay, will give your wedding a rustic feeling that will make your guests feel comfortable.  Focusing on nature will make for beautiful wedding photos that you will want to send to all of you loved ones.  Fall provides predictable weather so you can have a precise plan months in advance so your big day will go smoothly.  

Fashion and Decor

Having a fall wedding allows your bridesmaids and guests to wear a darker color scheme.  Colors like a wine red and bronze go well with the nature aspects throughout your wedding.  Fall allows men to go outside traditional black suits and experiment with brown and grey.  You can bring nature elements into your reception by utilizing pumpkins and gourds as center pieces.  Place lanterns throughout the room to provide light and warmth for those chilly winter nights.   


The season of fall can really shine through the food you serve to your guests.  Take advantage of the growing fall trend of adding pumpkin to any dish.  Start the meal with satisfying pumpkin soup and end the night with pumpkin cheesecake.  Since it tend to be cooler during fall, focus on warm and hearty dishes to keep your guests full and happy.  For beverages, you can serve delicious hot apple cider and seasonal teas to guests.  At the end of night, you can have guests make their own caramel apple.  

Catering for Jewish Weddings and Every Wedding

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