Affordable Wedding Catering Tips

If you’ve helped plan a wedding then you know that it is a costly event.

If you’ve helped plan a wedding then you know that it is a costly event. One of the most significant expenses you will likely have will be catering costs. Many couples find that affordable wedding catering is hard if not impossible to find, and the food and drink expenses eat a lot of their budget. However, you can make catering more affordable when you get the most bang for your buck. To do so, make sure to ask your prospective caterers how much they charge for additional services. We’ll highlight a few of them. You will likely find that they include the service in their fee or that they charge a nominal fee compared to finding an additional vendor. 

Bar Services

Alcohol can be a costly part of your total food and beverage cost. If your caterer can also provide drinks and bar services, it is likely worth it to work that into your contract. Finding a separate vendor to serve alcohol will be a substantial additional cost on top of the price of alcoholic beverages (which may have a minimum charge as well). Working it into the food contract might be a great way to work around those minimums.

Create Your Theme

If you have a theme for your wedding, talk to your caterer about it. They will likely be happy to work with you to help tie your thematic ideas into the food choices and options. Often these specializations will come with a fee. However, if you are upfront and honest about your budget, there may be some wiggle room to make everyone happy.

Cake Cutting

Cutting the wedding cake – after that all-important first cut and bite, of course, is a surprisingly complicated task. Most caterers will include the service in their fee, but you should never assume. Ask if they will cut, plate, and serve the cake, even if you don’t get the cake through them. Sometimes they will and other times they charge a cutting fee. If you have a budget, you can try to negotiate that they cut and plate, but don’t serve.

Other Services

Wedding caterers are diversifying more than ever. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they provide additional services, especially if you’re struggling to find a vendor. Many caterers are now offering floral services, linen and table layout services, and event decoration services. If your caterer doesn’t provide a service, they may be able to point you towards a reputable vendor to fit your needs and budget.

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