A Seasonal Wedding Guide

A Seasonal Wedding Guide

We hope that you find this seasonal wedding guide helpful and inspiring

Today we’ll be offering a seasonal wedding guide. We’re going to be looking at the advantages of having a wedding in each season. The season that you choose to celebrate your wedding shapes a lot. It shapes the wedding attire, the wedding catering menu, and the venue. It can even affect the wedding’s cost. Regardless of what season you choose to have your wedding in, there are many benefits. You’ll win either way and thoroughly enjoy your magical day. 

Summer Weddings

During the summer in Maryland or D.C., daylight lasts for a long time. Sometimes it doesn’t even get dark until 9:00 p.m.! With that in mind, you will never have to rush to take pictures if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding. It also means that there is greater flexibility in scheduling a ceremony. If you want an afternoon or evening wedding, you can wake up later on your big day. Also, once again, you don’t miss out on the sunshine. Temperatures will cool down in the evening, and if you’re worried about the humidity, you can have an air-conditioned indoor wedding venue. As far as the wedding catering goes, you can look forward to harvested and ripe fruit options, seasonal cocktails, and fresh meats. 

Winter Weddings

Winter is dreamy, and you have a lot of options. We look forward to adding rich dessert tables, hot chocolate bars, and a lot of comfort food to your wedding catering menu. As far as the ambiance, think: fireplaces, candles, and dimmed lights. These details create a warm and romantic environment. What’s also beneficial about winter weddings is that they tend to be a little cheaper. 

Spring Weddings

Imagine a tree full of cherry blossoms at your wedding. There is a reason that people say “love is in the air,” as it relates to spring. The floral and pastel aesthetics of spring are pretty. The background for your wedding photos will be quite breathtaking. Also, depending on how early you have your wedding, you can enjoy a breezier, less humid temperature. 

Fall Weddings

Fall is a season where we see deep, vibrant colors. You can keep this color scheme in mind for the theme of your wedding. Think bronze, oranges, and deep reds. Fall is also a season where it’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s a perfect balance! Imagine the beautiful leaves creating the stunning backdrop for your photos if you decide to have an outdoor fall wedding. 

We know that wedding planning takes time and a lot of thought. For this reason, we provide content that gives you some “food for thought.” We hope that you enjoyed this seasonal wedding guide

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