A Guide for Brides on How to Eat During Their Wedding Day

brides on their wedding day

On a wedding day, brides should savor the moment and all of the fantastic flavors that they’ll get to enjoy.

Brides have a million things to accomplish on a wedding day. Some brides forget to enjoy fully one of the best parts of a wedding: food. Then, some brides fear that they will get sauce on their wedding dress. A guide for brides on how to eat during their wedding day may seem silly, but food has a lot of significance. Research shows that food plays a big part in how people feel. When it’s a rainy day, many people love to enjoy soup. When a person goes through a breakup, they may reach for the ice cream. On a wedding day, brides should savor the moment and all of the fantastic flavors that they’ll get to enjoy. Here are three tips that tackle some of the most significant eating issues that brides face on a wedding day. 

Eat Throughout The Day

We know that you’ll have a lot going on, on your wedding day, but you should find a way to snack and have meals (before your wedding dinner). What may be helpful is to plan meals and stick to that plan. Otherwise, you may forget to eat until the reception, and then you’ll feel dehydrated, stressed, and what we call “hangry,” anger that stems from being hungry.  

The Wedding Catering Should Include Food That Sits Well With You

We advocate for new and exciting food. However, you should always make sure that whatever foods you eat will not make you sick. If you choose to go for more exotic food, make sure that you have eaten this kind of food before and that it did not cause sickness or bloating. The goal is to feel fantastic in your wedding dress and be able to enjoy your big day to the fullest. 

Switch into Another Dress During the Reception 

One spill during dinner can ultimately damage your beautiful dress. What many brides often do is change into a different attire during the reception for many reasons. For one, depending on the cut of their wedding dress, they may not be able to move as fluidly when it’s time to dance. Two, after a long ceremony, many brides are ready to throw off their heels, change into flats, and wear a more comfortable dress. Three, you can’t spill food on a dress that you aren’t wearing. If you don’t want to change out of your wedding dress, then bring a Tide pen. Make sure that you test it first so that it does not discolor your dress. 

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