3 Wedding Food Trends To Follow

Discover a few of the current wedding food trends.

There are several elements you need to execute well to pull off the perfect wedding.  However, one aspect of every wedding that people usually remember is the food.  You want to choose food for your wedding reception that aligns with your personal tastes.  Make sure to create a wedding menu that is as equally delicious as it is memorable and will have people talking for years to come.  Luckily, there are a few wedding food trends you can follow so that you can have some inspiration for planning your reception.

Make It Personal

A major wedding food trend is couples creating personalized and meaningful menus.  Couples are taking their shared experiences and putting it into their wedding food for their guests to enjoy.  So, if a couple vacations frequently to a specific place, then they will show off that region’s food at the wedding reception.  Having a meal that shows off each partner’s culture is another way wedding food is getting personalized.

Keep Cocktail Hour Mini and Light

When it comes to creating a memorable and enjoyable cocktail, you need to choose light and easy to handle food.  You do not want your guests to fill up on appetizers before the meal, so think of foods that are light yet satisfying.  A popular cocktail hour trend is to have a raw bar so that people can enjoy oysters and shrimp. Having a raw bar offers light food options for people to enjoy before the main meal.

Make Dessert Memorable

The days of having a large, traditional wedding cake are over, and it is time to offer your guests a variety of options.  You want to offer dessert selections that are out of the ordinary such as donut or cupcake walls. Make sure to have several dessert options that guests can pick up easily and walk around to mingle with others.  You want dessert time to be like another cocktail hour.

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