3 Wedding Etiquette Tips You Need To Follow


Know proper wedding etiquette when preparing for your big day!

Planning a wedding can be stressful for everyone involved.  There are many aspects you need to coordinate including the venue, caterer, as well as the guest list.  While planning, you will run into at least a few uncomfortable and difficult situations.  You need to know how to handle whatever comes your way without offending anyone.  Luckily, there are few simple wedding etiquette tips you should know before you plan your big day.

Know Who To Tell In Person

Getting engaged is an exciting event for you and your significant other, and you may want to tell everyone right away.  However, it is important that you do not post about your engagement on social media before you tell your parents and loved ones in person.  You should sit down with your parents and close friends in person to tell them about the engagement. Your Facebook friends shouldn’t know about your engagement before your grandmother.

No Cash Bar

During a wedding reception, the alcohol is usually the biggest expense, so you need to keep that in mind for your wedding.  Even though it is an expensive cost, nothing is tackier than having a cash bar at your reception. You are inviting your family and friends to celebrate your big day, so they shouldn’t have to pay anything during the ceremony and reception.  If you want to cut costs, look into having a few signature cocktails or only serve beer and wine.

Feed Your Vendors

It is important that you feed the people who are making your wedding day a reality.  You need to make enough food for the catering staff, florist, DJ, photographer, and anyone who is working your wedding.  Make sure you ask all of your vendors if they have any dietary restrictions. Also, designate a quiet space for them to eat during your reception.

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