3 Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding Meal

Summer Wedding Meal

Planning a summer wedding meal can be difficult, but use these tips to make it easier!

All weddings are joyous occasions, but summer weddings are especially romantic. It’s a great time of year to schedule your wedding because of the longer amount of time you’ll get from the sunlight and the milder weather into the evening. Summer makes for great photos and will give guests the opportunity to get dressed up and ready to go without having to wear jackets and coats. Of all the wedding tips that you’re probably reading as you prepare for your big day, don’t forget to consider planning your meal based on the weather. Here are some tips for planning a summer wedding meal.  

Relief from the Heat

The weather was probably one of the main reasons why you chose to have your wedding in the summer. However, intense heat could cause some discomfort for your guests who have been sitting outside under the direct sunlight. Set up an area before your ceremony begins and during your cocktail hour where your guests will have access to cold refreshments. Consider fruit-infused water on ice or plain bottles of water.

Light Fare

Choose light fare options for your reception meal. People may already feel sluggish because of the heat, and heavy food won’t help them feel any better. Talk to your caterer about designing a seasonal menu that includes grilled options instead of fried and fresh produce. Include fruit, frozen cocktails, and lighter dessert options instead of cake. If the budget allows, you may also include some seafood options that will be seasonal and appropriate for the occasion. Be imaginative and think of some festive options like ice pops.

Signature Cocktail

Do some research about your favorite flavors and come up with a signature cocktail that will match the theme or even the colors of the event. Start with some light fruit flavors that everyone will enjoy and pair it with your choice of alcohol and additives. You can even muddle some fresh fruit at the bottom of the class and serve it with crushed ice. Your signature drink could also be a slushie, which would cool off your guests while they’re on the dance floor.     

Catering for Summer Weddings and Every Wedding

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