3 Tips To Planning Kosher Wedding Menu


Learn how to plan the perfect kosher meal for your wedding.

When guests attend a wedding, many look forward to the reception and meal.  The wedding reception is a time where your guests get to celebrate your special day with a delicious meal.  You need to take your time when constructing your wedding menu, especially if want it to be kosher.  Having kosher food is an essential part of any jewish wedding. Luckily, there are simple tips for planning the perfect kosher wedding menu.

Cocktail Hour

When it comes to the cocktail hour for a jewish wedding, you should focus on the wine you will be serving.  There are several delicious kosher wines available on the market. So, you should think of setting up a small wine tasting for your guests to indulge in at your reception.  You can also have a cocktail bar where guests create their own drinks. When serving food, you need to decide if you serving dairy or meat.

Main Course

When planning the main course for your jewish wedding, you need to decide if the dishes will be dairy or meat based.  Having a chicken dish served with potatoes and vegetables is a great meat-based option. If you are going towards dairy, the quiches or kugel are popular traditional dishes.  A major trend occurring within jewish weddings is to have small plate stations during your reception so that guests can try a little of everything.


You cannot forget about dessert when planning your wedding reception.  If you want stray away from the traditional wedding cake, then think about serving your guests a “cake in the jar.”  The flavor options are endless so there will be something for everyone. Remember to have fruit-based desserts available for your guests that do not eat dairy.

Catering for Every Wedding

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