3 Jewish Wedding Customs and Rituals

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Be aware of common Jewish wedding traditions and rituals before attending a Jewish wedding.

Have you just been invited to your first Jewish wedding and do not know what to expect?  Regardless if the couple is reform or orthodox, there are several wedding traditions practiced at every Jewish wedding.  The key is to be aware of all the traditions so you can be respectful and even participate in some of them.  From the ceremony to the reception, there are a few customs and rituals you need to be aware of before attending a Jewish Wedding.  

Breaking The Glass

One of the most well known Jewish wedding traditions is practiced right after the couple says “I do.”  One person or the couple together, break a glass wrapped in a cloth with their foot.  The destruction of the glass has many interpretations, but it is commonly seen as a representation of commitment and that the couple will stand by each other through difficult times.  After the couple breaks the glass, all of the guests at the ceremony will yell “Mazel Tov!” meaning “good luck” or “congratulations.”

S’eudah Mitzvah

This is one of the most popular traditions at Jewish wedding because it all has to do with the reception meal.  Most Jewish weddings consist of kosher items which just has to do with how the food is prepared.  You will find chicken and fish dishes served at a Jewish wedding because they represent fertility.  The meal will either be dairy or meat-based because the two ingredients cannot be served together based on Jewish tradition.

The Hora

Everyone, jewish or not, knows the most popular and exciting aspect of any Jewish wedding is the Hora which is known as the chair dance.  The tradition consists of some strong guests hoisting the happy couple upon chairs above the crowd to “Hava Nagila.”  Everyone looks forward to this part of a Jewish Wedding because it allows every guest to get involved and celebrate the happy couple’s big day.

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