3 Benefits Of A Winter Wedding

Discover the benefits of a having a winter wedding.

We are approaching the end of October, which means winter will be here before you know it.  Even though winter brings cold temperatures and snow, doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect season to get married.  A winter wedding brings beautiful backdrops and warm, delicious meals for all of your guests to enjoy.  If you are looking for the right time to get married, then discover a few of the benefits of having a winter wedding.

More Availability For Venues and Vendors

When it comes to planning a winter, you have a better chance of securing venues and vendors compared to the other season.  Winter is usually the slow season for wedding venues and vendors, so you have a good chance of booking a date and location.  Since it winter is slow for weddings, many venues and vendors offer cheaper rates compared to the spring and summer. Since they have less clients, they will have more time to dedicate to your event.

No Stress From The Elements

Since the winter season is known for being cold and snowy, you will not have to deal with unpredictable weather conditions.  You know what to expect from winter weather so that you can plan well. It is best if you have an indoor ceremony and reception for your winter wedding so that you can keep everyone warm.  A winter wedding is the perfect event for candles at your reception, which can make the event even more romantic and cozy.

Comfort Food

One of the best aspects of throwing a winter wedding is the reception meal.  Since there will be chilly conditions, it is favorable to serve warm, comfort foods to your guests.  Hearty pastas, chicken dishes, and stews are great choices for a winter wedding. Make sure to serve drinks such as warm cider and hot cocoa.

Catering for Every Wedding

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