3 Benefits Of Having A Summer Wedding

Discover the benefits of having a summer wedding.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer outside which means summer wedding season is quickly approaching.  If you and your significant other are planning a wedding, you should look into a summer ceremony and reception.  Nothing is better than marrying the one you love when the sun is shining, and the flowers are in full bloom.  Discover several of the benefits of getting married during the summer.

Consistent Weather

One of the major benefits of having a summer wedding is that the weather is more consistent compared to the other seasons.  It is more likely to be nice and warm weather than rain, especially during June and July. So, it is the perfect season to have an outdoor wedding because it is easier to predict the weather.  You should invest in a tent just in case it happens to rain so that everyone can stay dry.


When it comes to having a summer wedding, you have more flexibility in the venue and the specific time of your wedding.  Since the weather is nicer in the summer, you can choose from indoor and outdoor venues, so you have a wide selection. You can have an indoor part as well as an outdoor section of your wedding.  Since it can get dark as late as 9 p.m. during the summer, you can have an evening ceremony and then have the reception in time for dinner. The weather will also be cooler at night.

Healthy Meal Selection

Summer is a perfect time to serve light and healthy foods during your reception.  It will most likely be warm during your wedding, so you do not want to serve anything heavy or too filling.  Many vegetables and fruits will be in-season during the summer so that you can have a menu full of leafy greens.  Make sure to serve plenty of water to keep your guest hydrated.


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