2020 Wedding Catering Trends

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Social media plays a pivotal role in wedding catering. Long gone are the days where people have to be limited to a generic wedding. People look all over social media, especially Pinterest, to find ideas to plan their dream wedding. From wedding dresses to wedding cakes, people search on the internet for wedding trends to help them feel inspired. Do you need a little inspiration? Here are some 2020 wedding catering trends that may make you pull out your handy dandy wedding planning notebook. 

Sweet, Stackable Cakes and Dreamy Decor Cakes

Traditional cakes are always a staple. However, if you want your wedding catering to be more dynamic, then stackable cakes are desirable. This type of dessert is a fan favorite because it’s visually appealing, and you can get very creative. Stackable cheesecakes and cookie cakes are delicious and unique. Decor cakes are another wedding catering staple that has garnered some attention. You can use small cakes as decor and place them on tables during the reception. It’s a conversation starter and centerpiece that has undeniable appeal.

Brides and Grooms Crave Craft Cocktails

There is a great debate about what the word “craft” means in the food industry. Craft means that ingredients will be fresh, made with care, and well, well-crafted. While the meaning of the term is subjective, what’s undeniable is that we’ll severe you delicious beverages, whether alcoholic or not. Brides and grooms love craft cocktails because they can get creative and share a story about their love through the cocktails they choose. They can pay homage to their hometown roots or another place where they met. Couples can also give these creative, crafty cocktails a name, which makes things even more fun.

Hospitality Stations Are Still a Popular Choice for Wedding Catering

Hospitality stations were trending in 2019, and they still are in 2020. We mentioned that hospitality stations could help to make a wedding magical. For your wedding guests that arrive early, hospitality stations show that you care about them. Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing sip of lemonade or a quick nibble on some delicious food?

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