A Countdown to Planning a D.C. Wedding Within a Year

A wedding can be magical with the right planning

Here at Catering by Alan Weiss, we provide catering for D.C. weddings. If you plan on having a D.C. wedding, then we can help you tremendously. Not only can we help you plan the perfect menu and serve your guests, but you can recruit us for the planning process as well. Planning a wedding in a year may seem overwhelming, but you can do so if you plan well and plan early. Here is a countdown to planning a D.C. wedding within a year.

A Year to 10 Months Before the Wedding

During this stage, you should know what type of wedding you want and what your ideal venue is. Some examples include a simple, rustic, outdoor wedding on a farm (yes, D.C. is an urban region but has farmland on the outskirts) or a luxurious wedding in a mansion. Figuring this out sets the tone for the entire wedding.

Next, you’ll want to set the date. Choosing a specific month helps you know what the theme of your wedding should be. Although weekday weddings are cheaper, it’s more likely that your guests will be able to attend on the weekend. 

Third, decide if you want a small or large wedding. This step matters because the number of guests will make the wedding more or less expensive. The fourth step is hiring a wedding planner if you feel it’s necessary. Here you can also count on us to help you with planning out the pace of your D.C. wedding. It also helps to ask married couples in your life about their wedding experiences. 

Finally, pick the venue. One useful tip to note is that having the wedding ceremony and reception all under one roof saves time and makes traveling easier. D.C. is known for its beautifully stunning venues.

Six to Eight Months

  • Book an engagement shoot
  • Decide who your bridal party/groomsmen will be
  • Send “save the date” invitations
  • A bride should have their wedding gown
  • Select the officiant for your wedding
  • Choose vendors

Two Months Before

  • Brides should have their dresses fitted
  • Send out official invites
  • Research marriage license regulations
  • Have a final list of your guests

One Week

It’s one week before the big day! At this point, you should give your final guest list to the catering company and go over any last-minute details. Ceremony and dinner rehearsals should happen at this stage. Also, double check over any lodging or transportation information. Remember, it’s YOUR big day. Planning a wedding should be fun and not stressful if you can help it. 

Catering by Alan Weiss for D.C. Weddings

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