Wine Before You Dine: The Shabbot Kiddush


Kosher wines are available with Alan Weiss Catering.

Shabbat customs are derived from a rich tradition. There is nothing quite like the warm feeling of family and community togetherness that comes from a Shabbat service at a synagogue. From delicious Kosher food to ceremonial wine, at Catering By Alan Weiss, we can help you make sure that everything is perfect.  

Preparing For Shabbat

While Friday and Saturday come automatically, Shabbat only occurs when we lovingly take the time and effort to celebrate it. This special Friday night meal requires the best dishes, table linens, silverware, candlesticks, candles, Kiddush cup, food, one or two loaves of challah bread covered with a challah cover, and wine.  

The Lighting Of Candles

The lighting of candles is what truly begins Shabbat. This traditional practice is a rabbinic institution which is centuries and centuries old. When tradition is followed, the woman of the house lights the candles, however, modern practice is not limited to this specifically. Jewish custom requires two white candles, and you may find more or different colored candles depending upon the synagogue you attend Shabbat at.

The Importance of the Friday Night Shabbat Kiddush

Kiddush means sanctification. As wine is a symbol of life and joy in Judaism, Shabbat services always begin with the Kiddush being recited over wine. Traditionally this was performed by an adult male, but many types of modern practice allow either men or women to do this. Catering by Alan Weiss can provide food and wine to ensure that every Shabbat synagogue event goes off without a hitch.

Call Catering by Alan Weiss For Synagogue Catering!

With Catering by Alan Weiss, your dinner will run smoothly no matter what style you choose. Our wait staff is trained and prepared to handle a formal sit down dinner while our chefs are prepared to prepare food for several food stations in a buffet style dinner. Our on-site party planners are available to assist you with not only your dinner but your entire reception as well.

When you choose Catering by Alan Weiss, you are not just choosing a kosher caterer, but a full Jewish wedding experience. Our 19-page menu is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, so rest easy in knowing all taste buds will be catered to by Catering by Alan Weiss.

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