What Does it Mean to be Kosher?

Eating Kosher is one of the many types of religious diets and is followed by those practicing Judaism.

As you begin to plan your catering menu for your next event, you may find yourself stuck considering a wide range of potential dietary restrictions or eating habits. With food allergies on the rise and more people switching to veganism and vegetarianism, we’re more aware than ever of the eating habits of others. So, what about Kosher? Eating Kosher is one of the many types of religious diets and is followed by those practicing Judaism. In the Jewish faith, there is a set of rules about what foods are digestible. While many aspects are open to interpretation, and not all followers of the religion practice the dietary restrictions with enthusiasm, knowing the basics can help make your next event more inviting and inclusive to all those who attend.

Animal Products

One of the most well-known regulations within the diet is no pork, but the truth is that the law is much more specific about animal products than you might expect. Pigs are forbidden, as are shellfish, rabbit, and even reptiles. Only fish with scales and fins are acceptable, and animals must have split hooves and chew cud (think cow, goat, sheep, and deer). There are also specifications on how the meat must be prepared – to start slaughtering must occur in a specific way, and all of the blood removed.

Meat And Dairy

While most know that kosher diets have specifications about meat, few know that they have even more specifications for dairy and meat together. Any meat cannot come into contact with dairy products in any way. What this means is that utensils and pots for kosher cooking need separation if you will be working with different types of foods. Likewise, if you will be switching between cooking a kosher dish and a non-kosher one, you cannot use the same cookware. While this can be tricky when planning for an event, a dedicated kosher catering company can offer suitable solutions that work for everyone while ensuring your menu stays kosher.

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