Wedding Food Mistakes That We Want to Help You Avoid

Wedding Food Mistakes Catering by Alan Weiss

Remember to serve more than salad as a food option during cocktail hour

Guests will remember the food at your wedding. So, today we’d like to offer some advice that will help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls. Do you want the wedding food that you choose to be a success? Then, we know that you’ll enjoy this content. 

Avoid Having Food That’s Not Hearty During Cocktail Hour

If you decide to have a cocktail hour at your wedding, make sure guests have hearty food. Because the cocktail hour is the hour where drinks start to flow, then you indeed want to make sure that the food-to-alcohol ratio falls in line. For example, if you plan to have a vegetarian or vegan wedding, make sure there is enough protein. The point is that regardless of what is on the menu, you never want to leave your guests hungry. 

Planning a Catering Menu With Only Yourself in Mind

A wedding is your big day. You should love everything about your wedding. From the attire, you wear to the venue, the food, and the festivities. With that in mind, you do indeed want to think of your guests. If a lot of your guests are lactose intolerant, Diabetic, or whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that they can enjoy drinks and beverages. It’ll take too much effort and brainpower to try and please every guest. But the rule of thumb is to have a variety of wood that most of your guests will enjoy. 

Choosing Wedding Food That’s Too Generic

The beauty of hiring us is that your food can be unique if you want it to be. Serving generic or classic food may work better for a corporate event. However, as far as a wedding, it’s appropriate to think outside of the box. Did you and your future spouse meet at a unique place or a place that wasn’t in your hometown? Then, there is nothing wrong with the food, reflecting that. Cultural food does take a wedding to the next level.  

Completely Ruling Out a Buffet-Style Dinner

Sit-down dinners are synonymous with seeming more classy or tasteful. However, a buffet-style dinner does have its benefits, especially if you plan on having a smaller wedding. A buffet-style dinner cuts down on the number of staff you’ll need, which can save you money. If you plan on having a high-energy wedding, your guests will appreciate being able to get up and mingle. 

We’d also like to mention that you shouldn’t forget to enjoy eating on your memorable day. We know that you’ll be obsessing over every detail, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself genuinely. Being married is something that many people look forward to, so remember to cherish your exciting day! 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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