Tips for a Nutritional Wedding

Planning a nutritional wedding may not be for every bride and groom, and that’s okay. We understand that a lot of people go for comfort food and desire to be anything but healthy on their wedding day. It’s an exciting time to celebrate a beautiful union and it’s understandable if you crave hearty food. However, going the healthier route and planning a nutritional wedding menu has its benefits. Eating healthy gives you the energy you need to enjoy your wedding. Also, when it’s time for the reception, you and your guests won’t feel too bogged down to dance the night away. Curious about what kind of menu you need to plan a traditional wedding? Keep reading, because we’re going to share some tips today.

Fruits and Vegetables are Vital 

Fruits and vegetables have nutrients in them that the body needs. These nutrients help the body to function as it should. Lettuce is a leafy green that converts the vitamin B6 into energy. Carrots contain Vitamin A, which is necessary for maintaining a healthy immune system. Spinach contains vitamin K, which is essential for building strong bones and preventing heart disease. 

Whole Grains are Healthy 

Whole grains contain protein, fiber, and minerals. These nutrients promote healthy digestion and prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Foods that fall under this category include brown rice, whole-grain bowls, and quinoa. 

Pick a Protein That’s Healthy 

Protein needs to be a part of your catering options. Protein builds bone, skin, and muscle. Protein also quickly satisfies hunger so that you and your guests won’t crave junk food or sweets after your wedding. Chicken, steak, pork, or ham fall under this category along with seafood, eggs, beans, and nuts. 

Healthy Beverages are Best 

Many beverages contain sugar, corn syrup, and artificial flavoring. If you want a nutritional wedding, then provide alternative options for health-conscious guests. Water is always the best drinking option. Flavored water especially has fewer calories and sugar than does soda and juices. For those who may have conditions such as diabetes, make sure to have diet or sugar-free options. You may also want to apply this idea to the dessert menu. Regardless of what you desire, we have options that work for any wedding party. From healthy choices to hearty choices, we’ll provide an excellent menu

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