She Said Yes! Now What?


There is much a groom needs to know before the wedding day.

So, you chose to propose over the holiday season, and you got the answer you were looking for. Mazel Tov!

Now, however, comes the hard part – you actually have to plan a wedding. First of all, breathe. You have months to go, and nothing has to be done overnight. As you prepare, keep a few traditions in mind.

Wedding Bands

For a marriage to be legal, Jewish law requires the groom to give the bride something worth at least a penny. For 1,400 years, Jewish grooms have accomplished this prerequisite with a ring. Not just any ring, though; it must be a simple band without piercings or precious stones. Its smooth, circular shape represents the marriage as an unbroken union. You can still get the ring engraved, just be sure to put all the romantic stuff on the inside inside.

It’s a Nice Day for a (Really) White Wedding

The bride isn’t the only one who wears white. Jewish grooms traditionally wear a short, white linen robe – called a kittel – during the wedding ceremony. The color symbolizes the couple’s rebirth as they begin their new life together with a clean slate.

The Groom’s Table

Immediately before the wedding, the groom and his male family and friends gather at the tish, or table. Traditionally, the groom attempts to present a lecture on the week’s Torah portion, while his friends and family heckle and interrupt him to prevent him from finishing. The tish should be humorous and fun, which relaxes the invariably nervous groom before the wedding. If you’re uncomfortable with public speaking, recruit your bride and do the tish together.

Smashing the Glass

Here it comes, the shining moment: your turn to stomp the glass. This ritual has countless meanings: It scares away demons, recalls the fall of the Temple, and reminds us that great joy suddenly can be shattered. The broken glass also represents marriages permanence: Once done, it cannot be undone (just like the glass that cannot be put back together). It’s also the official signal to shout, “Mazel Tov!”

One Wedding Item You Don’t Need to Think About

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