How To Plan The Perfect Winter Wedding


Learn how to plan the perfect winter wedding!

We are at the beginning of October, which means winter is only a few months away.  Winter can bring frigid temperatures, but also a beautiful backdrop for a wedding.  Some people avoid getting married in winter due to the weather, but with the proper planning, you can have a memorable wedding day.  If you want to have the perfect winter wedding, all you have to do is follow these few simple tips.

Warm It Up

When it comes to planning a winter wedding, you want to make sure everyone is warm and comfortable during the ceremony and reception.  You want to ensure that your wedding party is wearing warm clothing during the ceremony, especially if you are getting married outdoors.  You want to ensure that the venue is properly heated. As a little a gift to your guests, you should think about supplying everyone hand warmers, especially if you are getting married in the heart of winter.

Make Transportation Simple

One of the most important factors you need to consider when planning your winter wedding is transportation.  The winter season can bring heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures which can make traveling difficult. So, you need to plan accordingly just in case it snows on your wedding day.  You want to choose a hotel that is close to the venue and supply your guests with reliable transportation. If possible, you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same venue.

Focus On The Menu

When it comes to planning your menu for your winter wedding, you want to choose warm, filling dishes.  However, you do not want your guests to feel stuffed and overwhelmed after eating. So, you want to focus on filling lighter dishes with seasonal flavors.  If you are serving heavy dishes like lamb or mac-n-cheese, then you want to serve small portions.

Catering for Every Wedding

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