What To Know When Attending A Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Know what to expect when attending a Jewish wedding.

You have just been invited to your friend’s wedding and you realize that it is going to be a traditional Jewish ceremony.  You have never been to a Jewish wedding, so you do not know what to expect and what is appropriate to wear.  The last thing you want to do is attend the wedding and offend anyone. Luckily, there are few thing you need to know when attending a Jewish wedding so that you can respect the culture appropriately.

Pick The Appropriate Outfit

Depending on the denomination of the couple and their cultural background, guests may be required to dress modestly.  If attending an orthodox wedding, women should wear dresses or skirts that extend beyond the knees. Stockings must be worn to cover bare skin and sleeves should be worn past the elbow.  Men must wear a “kippot” (a skullcap worn by men of all denominations during religious prayer or study). Luckily, kippot’s are passed out during wedding ceremonies so you don’t have to worry about purchasing one.  Specifics of dress code varies between every Jewish wedding, so it is best to ask the couple about their customs.

Wedding Reception

One of the most popular activities at a Jewish wedding is the lively chair dance, referred to as the “hora”.  The dance usually starts as the newly wed couple enters the room and they are raised in the air on chairs. This tradition is practiced to celebrate the couple and involves all of the guests, so don’t be shy to get propped up in a chair.  After the dance, the meal is served which is always kosher meaning the food is prepared within the laws outlined in the Torah. So dairy and meat will not be mixed together and shellfish will not be served.  The meal is blessed over a braided, egg rich bread called ‘challeh” and a piece is given to each table by the couple.

Think About The Gift

Giving a wedding gift is common at most weddings and is a kind gesture that helps the couple start their new life together.  At Jewish ceremonies, money is a common gift to give and the amount should always be within your means. For a safe bet, contribute to the couple’s registry if they have one set up.


Catering for Jewish Weddings and Every Wedding

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