How To Plan The Perfect Office Holiday Party

Learn how to plan the perfect office holiday party.

It is the beginning December which mean the holidays are on their way, including Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.  If you work in any type of corporate environment, the chances are that you will attend an office holiday party.  If you have been tasked with planning an office holiday party, it can be an exciting yet stressful experience.  Fortunately, there a few simple tips you need to follow when planning the perfect office holiday party.

Start With The Basics

When it comes to planning any type of party, you need to have the basic elements determined first.  You need to have a pick a date and time that allows for most of your company to attend.  You then need to book a venue that is free on the date that is everyone available to attend along with choosing a food menu.  Make sure that you plan out an agenda for the whole night, so your holiday party goes smoothly.


One of the most important aspects of a holiday party budget because it determines how festive and lavish you can make the event.  You need to have a well-planned budget so that you know you can afford the venue and catering.  Make sure you rank the order of importance of each party element so you know what you can focus your budget on.  It is always wise to set aside a little portion of the budget in case you need to purchase an item, or you want to get a company gift for the president of the organization.

Gift Exchange

One of the most exciting and engaging parts of any office holiday party is the gift exchange or “secret santa.”  This activity allows you to show appreciation to your employees and gives a chance for everyone to have some fun.  Make sure you set a financial gap, so everyone has the same amount of money to spend and doesn’t have to break the bank.  Depending on the size of your company, you can either do an office-wide gift exchange or just a department-wide one for larger businesses.

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