Is A Kosher New Year’s Party Possible?


Having a Kosher New Year’s Eve party is easier than you think!

Of course a kosher New Year’s party is possible! Generally speaking, we think of New Year’s Eve as a time to let our hair down and relax some rules, but it’s every bit as easy  to stay kosher on December 31 as it is during the rest of the year.

Why is it Important to Stay Kosher on New Year’s Eve?

It’s important to remember that kosher is not a type of cooking, but rather a way of life. With kosher food, one cannot eat prohibited food sources such as pig and rabbit, as they are not animals with cloven hooves. Proper preparation of meat matters and meat and dairy cannot mix. Shellfish is not a kosher meal (which alone makes plenty of Baltimore-area New Year’s Eve parties unkosher).

With kosher meals, there is a certainty your food comes from a healthy source and properly handled, including humane slaughtering and cleanliness. You will also have less concern about your holiday guests experiencing food allergies as kosher food does not include soy, shellfish or gluten resources. Yes, even vegetarians can eat kosher meals. As food recalls become more frequent in the news, you can subdue health hazards for your New Year’s Eve party by serving kosher meats and properly packaged meals.

If you follow kosher dietary guidelines every other day (and night) of the year, there’s no good reason to stop now. You can have your party catered kosher and not have to think twice.

Catering by Alan Weiss

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