Event Planning Mistakes If You’re On a Budget

Event Planning Mistakes If You’re On a Budget

After all, event planning doesn’t have to be difficult, and some of the most common mistakes for planning on a budget are easy to avoid.

Event planning can be stressful on its own. But when you’re planning an event on a budget, you might find yourself lost. After all, finding entertainment, catering, and more on a budget can be difficult, and you don’t want to make the common mistakes of cutting corners or skipping the staples. Luckily, there’s a lot of wisdom out there for planning a great event on a budget. After all, event planning doesn’t have to be difficult, and some of the most common mistakes for designing on a budget are easy to avoid. Whatever your limitations, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide. Here are some event planning mistakes to avoid when you’re on a budget.

Last-Minute Planning

As anyone who’s planned an event will tell you, procrastination is the fastest way to make the process more difficult. Planning far ahead of time won’t just make the process less stressful; it will also give you more wiggle room to deal with issues that may pop up along the way. Plus, putting deposits down on caterers and entertainers at the last minute can blow through your budget very quickly. Give yourself time to comparison shop and adjust your plans.

Neglecting Taxes and Gratuities in the Budget

Planning, according to a budget, can seem restrictive, but it’s crucial not to forget those additional costs that come with taxes and gratuities in your budget. These costs add up quickly and can get really out of hand if left unchecked–sometimes adding over 30% to your total projected costs. Keep these costs in mind from the get-go for effective and stress-free event planning.

Deciding on a Venue Before the Agenda

A surprisingly common mistake that people can make when planning a large event is booking a venue or hotel before finalizing the event’s agenda. Whether you decide on an adventure miles away from the location or the site doesn’t end up in the scenic part of the city you imagined, you can dig yourself into a hole by booking before planning out the itinerary for your event. Even if you can make these activities work, you can put stress on your budget by adding transportation to the day.

Ignoring the Season

When it comes to planning an event on a budget, every planner should be sure to look into the season for the event date. After all, most venues, contractors, and caterers will be just as lovely during the off-season as they are during the season of high demand. A great way to cut down on your budget is to plan an event in the off-season–most venues, hotels, and businesses will be available for lower costs in the season of lower demand.

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